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Healthy Ageing Programs
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Seniors & Healthy Ageing Programs

It’s no secret that as we age, natural changes occur in our muscles, bones, joints and soft tissues. These changes can contribute to loss of flexibility, strength and balance and an increased falls risk. The good news is regular exercise with attention to balance and strengthening can reduce and even reverse these changes!

At Jurien Bay Physiotherapy we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our fabulous seniors to help them stay active, mobile and on their feet.

An assessment and exercise program to help improve or maintain mobility and balance plus advice on appropriate mobility aids can help minimise the risk of falls and help you stay safe and mobile at home.

Join a ‘Strong & Stable’ Exercise Group

These small group classes (max of 6 people) are run twice weekly for 1 hour.

Fully supervised by your physiotherapist, our Strong & Stable Groups are aimed at improving your strength, balance and flexibility. Before joining you’ll require an assessment so we can tailor the exercises to meet your individual needs.

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