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Men’s Health & Continence
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Men’s Health & Continence

Blokes rarely like to ‘make a fuss’, especially when it comes to ‘issues below the belt’, but as 1 in 9 men in Australia will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, side effects from treatment such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction cannot be ignored.

If surgery is required (a radical prostatectomy) a pre-operative pelvic floor strengthening program along with general strength and conditioning 4-6 weeks prior to surgery has been proven to give a faster return to continence and normal function after the operation.

What To Expect

We understand these issues can be frustrating and embarrassing. We offer a professional, private and understanding environment to discuss your concerns and provide realistic management strategies, your 1-hour initial consultation might include

  • Real Time Ultrasound: An external examination through the lower abdominal wall to assess pelvic floor and abdominal muscles function. This helps us devise an effective plan to manage your issues.

  • Education and support

  • Clinical Exercises designed specifically to address weakness or overactivity in the pelvic floor and surrounding areas

  • Pain management strategies

  • Home exercises to support your recovery and management.

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