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GLA:D Program for Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis
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GLA:D Program for Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis



GLA:D® – “Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark” – is an internationally recognised program of education and exercise designed to help reduce the symptoms of hip and/or knee osteoarthritis (OA). By strengthening the muscles using specific exercises that improve movement patterns and alignment, participants learn how to prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.



Who can participate in the GLA:D program?

  • People of all ages with mild, moderate or severe osteoarthritis of the knee or hip can benefit from the GLA:D program.

  • People with a previous hip or knee joint replacement who have OA in the other knee or hip

  • People with ongoing symptoms in the joint that has been replaced.


What does the GLA:D program involve?

  • An initial assessment with your GLA:D trained physiotherapist to collect base line data and set your individualised program based on your ability.

  • 12 exercise session over 6-8 weeks held in small groups of 2 -3 people.

  • You can opt to complete both weekly sessions under supervision in the clinic or 1 with us and 1 at home if you feel confident to do so.

  • Each session takes 1 hour, there are 10 exercises to complete, each with several levels that you progress through as your strength and stability improve!

  • 2 education sessions so you get to learn all out OA, the latest treatments, how to effectively manage your OA and reduce flare ups.

To find out more about the GLA:D program

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