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Pre & Post Surgery Programs

Recovering effectively from surgery requires careful planning

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Pre & Post Surgery Programs


Before your operation


We are pleased to offer pre-operative or ‘prehab’ programs to help improve your function, strength and mobility before surgery to maximise your recovery afterwards.

There is good evidence to support the benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy for many surgeries including


  • Total hip & knee replacement

  • Knee ACL reconstruction

  • Shoulder surgery – rotator cuff repair, joint replacement

  • Spinal surgeries

  • Prostate Surgery

  • Gynaecological surgeries



After your operation

Kelly & Laura have many years of experience working with patients who have undergone all types of surgery and have looked after patients from many of Perth’s top surgeons. They are familiar with the most recent post op protocols to ensure you get effective treatment and rehabilitation at a rate that is safe and comfortable for you.

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